forever, forever-ever 4eva eva

angry women

This mind/body split is sibling to a host of other dualisms- binary oppositional pairings which are never equal, which always force a hierarchy: man/woman, white/black, straight/gay, primitive/civilised, self/other, new/old. All dualisms are artificial and must be analysed as part of a system of either/or thinking which imposes restrictive categorisations. 

angry women

Consistently, women performance artists seemed most perceptive (and poetic) in their criticism of social and political inequities; in their radical public disclosure of personal humiliation, pain and injustice (an act of catharsis which benefits society); and in their calls for a new consciousness which for the first time would integrate political action, cutting-edge theory, linguistic reconstruction, adventurous sexuality, humour, spirituality and art toward the dream of a society of justice. 

happy ramadan

eating a cupcake while crying. now this one IS giving me a reaction. ;_;


so i was sitting outside, alone, smoking, thinking about my mum and dad and one day getting my travolta daddy tattoo. but what about mum? the bart simpson unfinished “MOTH” tattoo? i haven’t seen my mum since february! 38 days til adelaide. anyway, i also remembered that she loved taylor dayne, played endlessly in the car when we’d go for “cruises” when i was 12. i would really like “I’LL BE YOUR SHELTER” to be my wedding song. or, y’know, an “art wedding” song. I MIGHT NOT EVER GET MARRIED/SORRY TO LET YOU DOWN. sing a heartbreak song with me at the opening on august 22.

this morning my job agency gave me a red velvet cupcake. i ate it, not bothering to ask if it had egg in it. OBVIOUSLY red velvet cakes have egg in them. but hallelujah! no reaction. everything’s coming up ami-lhouse.

my face is red from drinking 4 cups of black coffee today. rosacea. 




i just submitted a photo to the ‘hairy pits club’. that’s as nude as anyone is ever gonna see me (wearing a wedding veil)


amira.h. 2012

THUG WIFE- inkless tattoo

thug passion, holding pussy

ridiculousness of masculinity

“holding you up against the wall, fucking and choking you”

if what they say is nothing is forever then what makes love the exception

thigh tattoo- pinching the fat

i’m still in love w/ j udas baby- vomit, fingers down throat- don’t do it any more y ou bitch, stop being a masochist, have some self respect, he treated you like shit, why do you keep going back- roseanne would hate you for this. vomit it out. 

the plan was to drink until the pain over but what’s worse the pain or the hangover

love lies bleeding in my hands

blue, oh so lo n e s o m e